Hi there,

My name is André, age 58 and originally from Germany.

Like many others, experiencing ups and downs related to work, relationships, health and money, is part of one’s journey. Life may not always be smooth sailing. Nonetheless, I feel that I am usually able to pick myself up and move on from it fast.

I am a strong believer that happiness is a mindset. I try to switch my perspective of a negative situation with a positive spin to it.  But it was only recently, that I realized how deep impact and critical importance that sports, and exercise has on my health and healing speed progress!

Since year 2016 – 2018, I was hospitalized three times with “acute pulmonary embolism” which means there was blood clot in my chest and lungs. In November 2019 I was in another “hospital-vacation” for a diagnosis of “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis”, which is a blood clot in my brain or Stroke! These are critical life-threatening conditions with a mortality rate of 30% if untreated in time.

My stroke diagnosis in 2019 was the biggest eye opener for me. I was suddenly unable to use my left hand for basic things like eating, buttoning my clothes, messaging on my hand phone, weak standing and walking. I was extremely worried but thankful when the doctors said it will be a temporary paralysis for few months. It was depressive for someone, who is physically active to suddenly have limited mobility!

Recently, this September 2020, I had a total hip replacement surgery on my left hip.

All these “conditions” one after the other puts a lot of strain on me; physically and mentally. The pain and frustration really take a big toll and makes you feel depressive!

 I believe sports and exercise, subconsciously has always function as a cushion to absorb the mental and physical stress I was exposed to. (a healthy, balanced diet, might have been beneficial to it, too)

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that physical exercise releases ‘endorphin’ hormones which interact with brain receptors to reduce one’s perception of pain and triggers positive feeling.

To conclude, from someone who has survived 4 life threatening condition and 1 major surgery: “Everyday might not be a good day, but there is something good every day. You are your only limit. The body achieves what the mind believes”