NBFA is pleased to announce the official launch of an 8 weeks fitness challenge that leads to the NBFA Sports Model 2020 to be held on the 28th Nov 2020 Saturday, 6pm @ Sports Lifestyle Initiatives, Sports Lifestyle Centre, 3500A Bukit Merah Central Singapore 159837.

This event is held jointly with Republic Polytechnic | Big Boss Asia | Sports Lifestyle Initiatives under the #BEYONDtheLABEL : CommunityᄅCampus initiative funded by the National Council of Social Service.

The NBFA Sports Model 2020 is part of the event Big Boss Asia Presents : The Next Big Superstar 2020

The aim of this event is to create social awareness of mental health stigma and encourage support and acceptance of persons in recovery from mental health conditions. To share our message of hope and resilience by encouraging youth to establish an active lifestyle to build a #STRONGER BODY STRONGER MIND.