Hi my name is Irsyad and this is my story. Growing up I was always interested in sports and I played every sport I could possibly get my eye on. So when I was 17 I started being very interested in aggressive inline skating. I was quite competitive at that point of time as I wanted to enter Xgames. However, disaster struck after I had done my O level, I was trying to hit a new trick and I dislocated my right shoulder and ruptured my rotating cuff. Needless to say, I was sent to the hospital via Ambulance at 5am in the morning. The pain was excruciating. Reach the hospital and the doctor confirms my worst fear. Pop my shoulder back in and perform a surgery on me the next week, basically I had three screws implanted in my shoulder for life. When I started bodybuilding, I wanted to hit the gym because I was putting on weight. After months of physiotherapy, I was hitting the weights and was in good shape. Fight through my shoulder pain and I was able to lean out.

4 years later, I put on so much weight due to the lack of working out. I had no time because of school, part time work and being in a relationship. From 70kg, I went up to 105kg which was the highest and fattest I have ever been in my life. I was depressed and I started going back to the gym to ease off the feeling. It was hard at first because I was embraced by how I look. I managed to lose till 93 kg.

Finally, I got the National Service letter and was awarded to serve Singapore in the army however I was placed in the Fat batch or Pes BP. I was determined to outshine and lose even more weight. In the span of 2 months I was able to lose 11kg and was at 82kg. I was in my fittest physique ever. Again, after the disaster strike, I was ready for field camp and had to carry a field pack which was 20 kg each due to an injured bunkmate. Through the whole time I could feel that my lower back was straining but I thought nothing of it. The next day we had to do shell scrape and it was raining cats and dogs. With my back pain I still push through until I look up and collapse hitting a boulder with my lower back. I woke up in my teen-age and I could not feel my left leg. It was total numbness. The pain that I felt was 10 times worse than my previous shoulder injury. 

I was sent to CGH and found out that I had 2 slip disks (L4/L5 and L5/S1) and a degenerative disk. I had to be on a wheelchair for a month and crutches for 2 months. My goal to become an Officer was shattered. I was in a very dark place. I started feeling sorry for myself and at that point I thought my life of being a bodybuilder was over. After being able to walk I start planning on how I can do the impossible. I started going back to the gym and train properly. As I work out the day after the pain starts to go away and with the help of physiotherapy, I was able to lift heavy weights and do more compound training.

I was doing well and avoided going for a surgery until July 2019. I was on my way home and my left leg became numb and died on me. I had to crawl back home from the bus stop. Apparently, my disc blocked my sciatica nerve and that was the reason why I could not walk. Hence, I went to the doctor and decided to do the operation even though the risk of getting my other nerve damage in the process. Thus, my operation was on 30 October 2019 and after the operation, I was in a world of pain. I was bed ridden for 3 days and had to learn how to walk again. I was again back in the wheelchair and crutches. The worst part is the doctor said I can’t deadlift anymore.

After I was discharged, I had the mindset to recover and go back to the gym. I started researching on success stories and what I can do to speed up the recovery. I came across an article and found out nutrition was the key to recovery, so I changed my whole diet and started eating clean as well as changing my workout routines and strengthening my lower back muscles and legs. After two months miraculously with the help of God, I was able to recover and did my first deadlift. After all that struggle, I managed to obtain the physique I could ever do.