I started my fitness journey when I moved here in Singapore 10years ago.  Being away from my family and friends can make me feel at times lonely and get homesick.

I want to do something beneficial for my health and at the same time keep my mind off from being homesick. I started to eat healthy and be active.  It was an on and off journey for me at that time. And the result was not consistent as well.

It was only in year 2018 when I decided to take my fitness journey seriously and consistently. And I commit myself to it. From there, I noticed a lot of positive changes in me. And in year 2019, I challenged myself more by joining a bodybuilding competition. This experience has changed me to a more fit and healthy lifestyle – both physical and mental.

Here are few things I learned through bodybuilding and I hope it will inspire other people also.

1. Boost Mental Health.  Most of the time it is our mind that will give up first. And Bodybuilding has helped me to be mentally strong. It also clears my mind from stress, anxiety and being homesick. It helped me to have a positive outlook in life & make better decision.

2. Boost Self -Confidence.  Not just in my appearance or to look good. It’s knowing that I am capable. That i can push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve a goal. Which I can apply not just in the gym but in my everyday life as well.

To me bodybuilding not just helped me in my Physical Aspect but it has its Mental Benefits as well.  It’s about having a healthy body and mind that helped me improve my overall outlook in life.

Lisa Zapanta