#BEYONDtheLABEL CommunityᄅCampus Festival @ Republic Polytechnic

#BEYONDtheLABEL CommunityᄅCampus Festival @ Republic Polytechnic is an event held under the National Council of Social Service

The aim of this event is to create social awareness of mental health stigma and encourage support and acceptance of persons in recovery from mental health conditions. To share the message of hope and resilience by encouraging others to establish an active lifestyle to build a #STRONGERBODYSTRONGERMIND.

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) International Championships

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) International Championships 2020

The aims of NBFA Singapore International is to promote a strong sporting culture, helping Singaporeans to “Live Better Through Sport” of natural bodybuilding, fitness and modelling. To advocate doping-free sport in Singapore in compliance with the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS Anti-Doping Rules, and the WADA Code. #Be A True Winner. Say “NO” to Doping. To inspire Singaporeans through the sport of natural bodybuilding competitions in nation building, strengthening our national identity and community. To encourage Singaporeans to adopt an active lifestyle, to stay healthy, keep fit and grow stronger to achieve greater success in their personal life and social responsibilities. #STRONGERBODYSTRONGERMIND


Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) International Championships 2020, 8th August








Advisory by the Ministry of Health. There will be measures taken to minimised the spread of the virus. Under the following advisory dated 13TH MAR 2020


Social distancing

In order to reduce the risk of local transmission, we will introduce requirements and advisories for events and gatherings, workplaces and public venues. This is to limit large crowds gathering in close proximity over a prolonged duration.

Advisory for events and gatherings

All ticketed cultural, sports and entertainment events, with 250 participants or more, are to be deferred or cancelled. For events that have already been committed (e.g. tickets sold), organisers must demonstrate that satisfactory precautionary measures have been put in place before they can proceed.

For all other mass gatherings including private functions and religious services, organisers are advised to put in place the following precautions:

a.            Reduce the scale of events to below 250 participants where possible;

b.            Reduce the crowding of participants and improve ventilation. For example, participants could be seated at least a metre apart from one another, and be advised to reduce contact with others (e.g. avoid shaking hands);

c.             Put in place temperature and health screening measures, as well as turn away persons who are unwell; and

d.            Put in place measures to facilitate contact tracing if needed, such as obtaining contact details of participants.

16.          Participants are also advised to practise social responsibility – monitor their own health condition and avoid attending gatherings and events if unwell.

 For details please refer to the following link..


Based on the advisory to reduce the scale of events to below 250 participants, the following limit are as such:

  1. Total number of NBFA, Republic Polytechnic & TRCC Staffs, Volunteers and all Essential Working Personnel = 50 pax
  2. Total number of Athletes = 50 pax
  3. Total number of Athletes Support Personnel = 50 pax
  4. Total number of Spectators = 100 pax ( audience will also have to be seated at 1 arm length (ie. alternate / diagonal) seats.)

Due to the restriction, please be advised to register early or book your tickets early.

Should the event cannot be held on the 8th August due to the COVID-19 situation, we will postpone it to next year and refund will be made available to all participants.

Date: 8th August 2020

Venue: Republic Polytechnic, The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) Theatre 

Time: For Athletes (8am to 6:30pm), For Spectators (11am to 4:30pm)

#BEYONDtheLABEL CommunityᄅCampus Festival @ Republic Polytechnic : 9am to 6pm

Prestigious Overall Titles

World Class USA Neil Anderson Trophies & K9 Crystal Trophies

Event Categories & Fees:

NBFA Annual Athlete Membership SGD 5.00

Entry Fees per Tertiary category SGD 50.00

Entry Fees per Open International category SGD 75.00

Tertiary School Categories

Interschool Fitness Model Championship
Male Fitness Model
Female Fitness Model
*ONLY For Students of any Tertiary Institution in Singapore and age 18yrs and above on 8th August 2020

Tertiary School Categories Criterion Download

Interschool Male Fitness Model
Interschool Female Fitness Model


Polytechnics in Singapore:

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)
Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Singapore Polytechnic (SP)
Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

Universities in Singapore:
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 
Singapore Management University (SMU)
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) 
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) 

School of the Arts:
LASALLE College of the Arts
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) 

Insititue of Technical Education Colleges:
ITE College Central
ITE College East
ITE College West

Open International Categories

Men’s Bodybuilding
Mixed Pairs
Teenage (19yrs and under )
Junior (21yrs and under)
Masters (40yrs+)
Grand Masters (50yrs+)
Ultra Masters (60yrs+)
Under 65kgs
Under 70kgs
Under 80kgs
Over 80kgs
Women Figure
Men’s Physique
Teenage (19yrs and under )
Junior (21yrs and under)
Open (22yrs and above)
Masters (40yrs+)
Grand Masters (50yrs+)
Male Fitness Model
Junior (21yrs and under)
Open (22yrs and above)
Female Fitness Model
Junior (21yrs and under)
Open (22yrs and above)
Bikini Model
Junior (21yrs and under)
Open (22yrs and above)

Open International Categories Criterion Download

Men Bodybuilding
Mixed Pairs
Women Figure
Men Physique Poses
Male Fitness Model
Female Fitness Model
Bikini Model
Women Bikini Fitness Attire Rules 2020


7th August 2020 : Pre-Event Day (Compulsory for Athletes)

  • Athletes Pre-Event Registration/Weigh-in/Administration/Briefing/Rehearsal-Stage-Walk-Through/Collection of Athletes/Althete Support Personnel/Athlete Number Tags/Seats Tickets/Miscellaneouse etc. This is important to check your particulars and categories confirmations..etc.)
  • Date: 7th August 2020
  • Venue: Republic Polytechnic, E Block #2, Lecture Room @ level 3
  • Time: 3:30pm to 6pm

8th August 2020 : Event Day (Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel are to report at 8am)

  • 8am to 10am: Athletes Attendance/ADS Anti-Doping Briefing/Tanning/Makeup/Hairdo,
  • 10am to 11am: Early Lunch Break/Stage Blocking
  • 10:30am: Theatre Door Open
  • 11am: Start of Championships
  • 4:30pm: End of Championships
  • 4:30pm to 6:30pm: Media Shot

Event Details:

Theatre Door Opens: 10:30am (Please be seated 15mins before event starts)
• 11:00am – Championship Starts- National Anthem & Pledge (All Athletes on Stage)
• 11:05am – Speech by Guest of Honour
• 11:10am – March In of Athletes
• 11:15am – Bodybuilding (All weight/age categories)*
• 12:00am – Physique (All weight/age/height categories)*
• 12:45pm – #StrongerBodyStrongerMind – Republic Polytechnic Body Transformation Challenge
• 01:00pm – 1st Intermission
• 01:15pm – Women’s Modelling (Swim wear Rounds)
• 01:35pm – Men’s Modelling (Swim wear Round)
• 01:55pm – Bodybuilding (Overall Round)
• 02:10pm – Women’s & Tertiary Modelling (Sport/Theme wear Round)*
• 02:30pm – Men’s & Tertiary Modelling (Sport/Theme wear Round)*
• 02:50pm – 2nd Intermission
• 03:05pm – Physique (Overall Round)
• 03:20pm – Women’s & Tertiary Modelling (Club/Evening wear Round)*
• 03:40pm – Men’s & Tertiary Modelling (Club/Evening wear Round)*
• 04:00pm – Prizes Presentation
• 04:30pm – Championship End/Handover for Grand Finale

*Depending on Numbers of participants. If total exceed 15, categories will be divided accordingly.

**Event is drug tested. Athletes will have to comply with Anti-Doping Singapore officials for testing as and when call in during the duration of the championship at any point of time.

Anti-Doping Rules: WADA
Testing Authority: NBFA
Sample Collection Agency and Results Management Authority: ADS
Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) was established by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in 2010 as the national anti-doping organisation for Singapore to promote and support the eradication of doping in sport in Singapore, as well as to fulfill its commitment to the implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code.
The following documents are available for download here. Please read the policy, rules to avoid infringement of anti-doping control measures.
ADS TUE Policy_20190114
ADS TUE Application Form_20190114
ADS AntiDoping Rules 2015 v12Final
Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore – Final WADA Approved_201002

ADS’ primary responsibilities are to:

  • Plan, coordinate and implement an effective doping control programme;
  • Advocate doping-free sport in Singapore through education programmes;
  • Monitor National Sports Associations for their compliance with the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS Anti-Doping Rules, and the WADA Code;
  • Pursue all potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction;
  • Encourage reciprocal testing between national anti-doping organisations; and
  • Promote anti-doping research.

Together with Sport SG, ADS strives to complement the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) efforts in its fight against doping in sport and promote the values of “Friendship, Solidarity, and Fair Play”.

Official Tanning Solution:

SparTAN Base gives you the rich colour that defines and enhances your physique, ready for any Fitness Model or Body Building Competitions. Professionally done by Competition Spray Tan Experts.
-1 x Base coat 1st layer on the day prior to competition by SparTan at it's premises
-1 x 2nd Competition coat onsite on event day at least 1 hour prior to onstage
-1 x Glaze layer prior to onstage
-1 x Competition coat onsite on event day at least 1 hour prior to onstage
-1 x Glaze layer prior to onstage
* The use of tans and bronzers that can be wiped off is not allowed. If the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will not be allowed to enter the stage. Artificial body colouring and self-tanning products may be used, provided that it is applied at least twenty-four hours prior to the judging or by Official Spray Tanning solution provider. Competition tanning methods (airbrush tanning, cabin spray tanning) may be used if applied by the professional companies and qualified personnel. Sparkles, glitter, shiny metallic pearls or gold coloring are prohibited whether applied as part of a tanning lotion and/or cream or applied separately, regardless of who applied them on the competitor’s body.
** The excessive application of oil on the body is strictly prohibited; however, body oils and moisturizers may be used in moderation.
*** The NBFA Head Judge, or a delegated by him official, will have the right to make decision if a competitor’s attire meets the criteria established in the Rules and an acceptable standards of aesthetics. The athlete may be disqualified if the attire doesn’t meet them.

Official Makeup & Hair Styling Artist:

Makeup By Alber

Kindly reserve your option to prevent disappointment as priority are given to those that booked first.
Hair Styling & Makeup Options:
Both Hair Styling & Makeup (SGD 120.00)
Makeup Only (SGD 100.00)
Hair Styling Only (SGD 50.00)

This event is held jointly with Republic Polytechnic under the National Council of Social Service #BEYONDtheLABEL CommunityᄅCampus Festival @ Republic Polytechnic.

The aim of this event is to create social awareness of mental health stigma and encourage support and acceptance of persons in recovery from mental health conditions. To share our message of hope and resilience by encouraging youth to establish an active lifestyle to build a #STRONGER BODY STRONGER MIND.