Our Beliefs

Fitness is an inherent part of physical health, and its impact on the quality of life is as important – if not greater – than that of mental and spiritual development.

The human body is a masterfully created living system that is capable of wondrous feats. Our instincts push us to do what is necessary to survive, but with the right training and nutritional strategy, one can maximise their growth, developmental and reproduction potential.

Everyone is a bodybuilder, whether they know it or not. The human body goes through different stages of bodybuilding from birth, and this process of physical growth and development is a natural constant in human progression.

Bodybuilding is especially significant for the younger generation. As youths (as young as the age of 8 years old) begin to mature and their bodies develop, they become intrinsically aware of their own physical abilities.

A sound training and nutritional strategy can have profound effects on both physical and mental well-being. Serving to empower one to be better at what they set their mind to, a healthy body is what fosters a healthy mind.

It starts with the individual, but when great in number, promoting such a lifestyle can encourage a stronger community, and ultimately, a stronger nation.

In sport, there are no limitations, no barriers of race, religion, politics or culture. In sport, we are in touch with each other. Bodybuilding is important for nation building.

Ben Weider

O.C., C.St.J, C.Q., Ph.D