Our Story


We started out as a team of passionate athletes who shared a common belief that bodybuilding and fitness should be achieved naturally, without the use of banned substances.

22nd July 2014

Ten of us came together to form Team Singapore Naturals to compete in International Bodybuilding. We were driven by our desire to see a fair and professional competitive environment for natural athletes in Singapore’s bodybuilding, fitness and modelling community.

14th December 2015

As a team of 42, we successfully registered as a non-profit organisation – Singapore’s first ever natural bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness and modelling association.


Our family has grown to include more than 100 members.

Our Vision

    We want to…

  • Be ambassadors of drug-free bodybuilding and fitness.
  • Be positive role models for the young.
  • Educate individuals and promote a safe, just, transparent and professional platform for the sport of bodybuilding, health, fitness and modelling.
  • Develop Singapore’s finest natural athletes with the goal of becoming a nation that can act as a role model in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

Our Team

Christian Goh Jiak Yee

Christian founded the association out of a strong desire to promote natural bodybuilding, aesthetic physiques  and promote health and fitness within Singapore. He is a dedicated natural bodybuilder, trainer with a great passion to help individuals, especially youth, understand the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle the drug- free way.

Christian has more than 25 years of experience in fitness training and has won many awards since 2005. His most recent achievements include:

  • ANB Asia Pacific International 2015 : Men’s Bodybuilding Under 65kg – Champion
  • ANB Asia Pacific International 2015 : Men’s Masters over 40 yrs old – 3rd Place
  • Fitness Los Angeles Musclemania 2015 : Musclemania Lightweight Under 150lbs – Champion

Claudia Ng Ai Cheng


Lim Yih Chang Raymond

Head Judge

Linda Yeo Bee Joo


Martin Leong Wai Kin


Eric Liew Hwee Tong

Legal Counsel

Antonia Chua Siu Yong


Lim Yew Miang (Kris Dawn)

Committee Member

Carl Donovan

Committee Member

Lutfi Bin Zainal Abidin

Committee Member

David Ang Jin Cheng

Committee Member

Morada Alexander

Official Photographer