Past Events

2017 Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (NBFA) International Championships

NBFA International Championships is an annual multisport event consisting categories such as professional bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness and modelling. The Championship featured internationally acclaimed natural athletes from countries Malaysia, Australia, China, Vietnam and Singapore.

A panel of renowned judges in the industry was invited to select the best of the best in every category.

Bodybuilding Category

Bodybuilding athletes are to compete in 3 different rounds. Athletes’ muscularity is assessed through the 7 compulsory bodybuilding poses in the first round. In the second round, competitors will stand in numerical order facing the judges and they will perform four one quarter turns – the first will be facing the judges, then the competitors will be asked to make three one quarter turns to the right, thus displaying their physique from every angle. And lastly, the competitors will pose to their own music for 60 seconds in the free posing round.

2017’s Bodybuilding category featured amazing athletes who displayed excellent muscle mass, separation, definition, symmetry and proportions. Tan Choon Keat went home with the first place in the male category, followed by Mao Qiu Xu and then Ivan Loh Wei Jia.

Female Figure Category

Women’s figure focuses on the aesthetics and athletic figure of the competitors. Similar to bodybuilding, the women’s figure category features 3 rounds of posing. However, the first round consists of only 5 compulsory poses. Win Marsh was outstanding and brought home the first place in the 2017 female figure category.

Men’s Physique Category

Men’s Physique is aimed at men who prefer to develop a less muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique. These athletes go through 3 different rounds:

1. Prejudging: Elimination Round (Quarter Turns)
2. Prejudging: Round 1 (Quarter Turns)
3. Finals: Round 2 (Individual Presentation and Quarter Turns

The main judging criteria were muscularity and body condition as well as the athletes’ stage presence and personality.

This year’s winners are Joshua Teo Wen Long, followed by Ryan Chan Shi Ming and then Donovan Quek

Female Fitness Category

In the female fitness category, contestants will be assessed in 3 different rounds: bikini round, sports theme-wear round and evening-wear round.  Each round allows the contestants to display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition and beauty through different apparels that best fits their own style and body type; extreme muscularity and definition will be negatively scored as it is not a bodybuilding or figure contest.

The judging criteria for each round consists of 40% body shape, condition and overall beauty, 30% poise, posture, catwalk and presentation and lastly 30% apparel, coordination, fit and proportion. With that, the winners of the 2017 female fitness category are Christyn Hoang Thanh Thuy, followed by Win Marsh and then Priscilla Pei Sze.

Men’s Fitness Model Category

There are three different rounds in the male fitness model category: male beachwear round, sport active theme wear round and male evening wear round. Each round will be judged based on 40% body shape, condition and overall look, 30% marketability, cover appeal and stage presence and lastly 30% coordination, fit and proportion. James Lee Xuan Feng topped the table and won the first place, followed by Brett Marsh.

Bikini Model Category

Bikini Models are to depict a picture of health to the general public however they must still have some athleticism about themselves. Models are not expected to be lean and defined though they must still have a toned body and good figure. Models are judged on their physical appearance, beauty, body shape and tone, presentation, confidence, cat walk, stage presence and marketability.

The 2017 Bikini Model Category was nothing short of amazing with Christyn Hoang Thanh Thuy winning the first place, followed by Priscilla Pei Sze.

Men’s Muscle Model Category

Steve & Antonietta Jones, the Pioneers of the Fitness Model Revolution in Australia introduced the Muscle Model Category in 2013. It was a huge success with some outstanding competitors taking part in this exciting new category in Asia Pacific International 2013 event and since.
The Male Muscle Model Category is an Open Class* providing a platform for those with more muscle mass, good balance, symmetry and conditioning combined with the marketable looks of a Model. This year’s winners for men’s muscle model category is Carl Chia Hsien Hwee, Soon Boon Leng and Tan Choon Keat

The Super Bodz Workout

31 July 2016

This was our first major fitness program for the community. Endorsed by Sport Singapore, as part of the “Get Active! Singapore – Let’s Celebrate!” program, participants were invited to work out and play games together to promote healthy living and fitness.

Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their generous support.

Nee Soon Community Sports Day

23 July 2016

We were invited to participate in the Nee Soon Community Sports Day Event to share our knowledge on basic fitness exercises with residents.

2016 Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Championships

In May 2016, we formed Team Singapore Naturals, Singapore’s first official natural bodybuilding team, to compete in the 2016 Australia Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Championships. NBFA is proud to have sponsored the following athletes: Britteny Michelle Kazakewich, Eirwan Shah, Bin Sahari, Ernest Ng Wei Ming, Namira Binte Jamaludin, Jey Sng Jun Jie, Raymond Lim Yik Chang.

The team performed excellently, bringing home the following awards.

Bodybuilding Category

Mens Grand Master (over 50 yrs old)
1st Place – Raymond Lim Yih Chang

Mens Under 65kg
1st Place – Eirwan Shah Bin Sahari
3rd Place – Raymond Lim Yih Chang

Mixed Pair
2nd Place – Eirwan Shah Bin Sahari & Namira Binte Jamaludin

Fitness Category

Womens Fitness Novice
4th Place – Britteny Kazakewich

Mens Fitness Novice
4th Place – Jey Sng Jun Jie

2015 Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Championships

For the first time in Singaporean history, we had an all natural team of athletes represent our nation in the Asia Pacific International Championships 2015, organised by Australian Natural Bodz. Our athletes, mostly self- funded and self-trained, held their own on an international stage with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world, fighting for the top spot in various categories.

The team produced fantastic results, proving that we have the natural talents and abilities to achieve international success without the use of banned substances. We congratulate the following athletes on a job well done.

Christian Goh Jiak Yee
Under 65Kg Men’Bodybuilding – 1st Place
Men’ Masters Bodybuilding – 3rd Place

Deepak Parida
Men’s Fitness Classic – 2nd Place
Men’s Physique Classic – 2nd Place

Hasif Hanafie
Men’s Bodybuilding Junior – 2nd Place
Men’s Bodybuilding Novice – 2nd Place

Willy Lim Chum Hao
Men’s Physique Junior – 4th Place

Jenni Goh
Women’ Fitness Classic – 5th Place

Madeleine Png Kim Tian
Madeleine received good reviews from the judges and was very close to the top 5 positions for her category.