7 years ago, I was a party goer who decided to do some fitness thing. My only reason is to look good.  Without thinking if I feel good when it comes to my general health, bad diets, unprofessional guidance, improper training routines, in short, just anyhow.

When I first came to Singapore and settled down my life, I got interested with sports activities. I started to love intense trainings and started competing as a Dragon Boat athlete, spartan race, outrigger canoe, kettlebell competition, etc.

In 2019, I got into bodybuilding.  I had a bad struggle with my emotional and mental management. I got disappointments and it really drowned me slowly, but something is telling me I cannot let myself down. In late 2019, I told myself that I have to start something new in 2020. That is when I decided to commit into bodybuilding, knowing that I have to be more committed and more disciplined in bodybuilding.  It has been tough at first because of Covid19, lock down and some personal issues). But it does not stop me from doing what I have decided to do in bodybuilding.

In July 2020, I was in my very bad phase of life. I suffered a disorder called phonophobia (a bad reaction when hearing unexpected noise. Despite that condition I am in, it does not stop me from what I want to pursue as I am in a well-planned year. 

I overcame every obstacle by doing trainings in my vacant time, making sure that I keep myself occupied to avoid over thinking. 

In conclusion, bodybuilding is the best thing that has happened to my life. Not only physically but most importantly, mentally, and emotionally. I am more disciplined (Quitting of smoking, Drinking just occasionally). Mentally, I am more able to control and learn to let go things that are not meant for me and move forward better and stronger.

Here’s few final words from me. 

1. People will not believe in you, drown you. But don’t let them push you deep more. Instead, work hard and lift yourself up for them not to reach you to drown you back again. 

2. Seek for guidance and advice. Either it’s fitness or mental issues. Don’t be afraid to talk, ask if you need help. Reach out!

Best Regards

Shiela Ann Huerte