I started working out at a gym only 5 years ago. Prior to that I did not have the resources to allocate for myself towards my passion. In college days, when people of my age used to follow their passion, I used to work at a night job (BPO) to fund my expenses and support parents. Throughout this phase, what kept me going was the 1-hour free hand physical routine, which I built for myself after researching online. However, I never achieved what I aspired to, I was doing something wrong and did not have the right guidance. 

After a long hustle, I made a good living for my family and self, when I started exploring my passions: Music, Motorcycle Adventures and Access to equipment at the Gymnasium. All the other passion points phased out while fitness stuck along, I realised “it’s my calling”. 

My fitness regime was going great, when I woke up one day (June 2020), I couldn’t hear well and see well from my left ear and eye.

I rushed to the doctor and went through various tests. Thanks to my fitness regime, my blood work was very good. However, I was treated for a virus, I could not do my daily chores for almost a month and was in terrible pain. Once I was on my way to recovery, I was diagnosed with Tinnitus. Imagine a fit guy, suddenly starts hearing a constant high pitch sound in his left ear and mild hearing loss. It drove me mad, questions like ” why me” “what did I do wrong” “my life is finished”. I used to go through anger, pain, and regret all at the same time. I gathered myself and pulled into the gym again. For almost a month, I couldn’t do anything apart from light cardio as I had a false sense of motion, feeling like I am going to fall. I kept at it and slow and steady could make my way to the squat rack and the bench. Now, my condition doesn’t bother me, I no more empathise with myself, rather, try to make it my strength thinking ” I SURVIVE COZ IM A FIGHTER”. Now I try to connect with as many people I can with similar conditions who are going through a bad mental phase and tell them, they are not alone, and we are in it together. 

I would summarize with ” We do not have a choice of what life throws at us, but how we react to those situations are completely in our control”