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Keeping fit isn’t an unattainable goal, it can become a way of life for anyone! Read about how some of our members transformed their lives through natural bodybuilding.

I started weight training in February 1985. Six months later, I participated in my first bodybuilding competition at Radin Mas Community Club and placed 5th in the junior category.

In 2000, I started my career in the fitness industry. I found it very fulfilling to be able to learn about my own body and help others improve their fitness at the same time. I began intensive training and eventually won 1st place in the 2003 Pesta Sukan Bodybuilding Championships (Open category).

Since 2009, I have been a judge for competitions organised by the Singapore Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (SBBF), Singapore Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (SBPF), and World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation (WBPF). I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch this sport evolve, meet people with similar interests and advise my fellow athletes.

In January 2016, Christian, NBFA’s President, invited me to participate in Asia Pacific International Championships organised by Australian Natural Bodz in Gold Coast. This was one of the highlights of my bodybuilding journey. I won 1st place in the Grand Masters category and 3rd in the under 65 category.

Apart from tangible achievements, I believe bodybuilding has allowed me to build discipline and perseverance, and motivated me to have a healthier lifestyle. A moderate and balanced diet is the key to staying healthy and fit for competitions. I hope to continue participating in competitions and achieve better results. I hope to be a role model for the youth by encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle through natural bodybuilding and training.

Raymond Lim Yih Chang

Bodybuilding is like life in that it involves overcoming obstacles with creativity and persistence. It is rewarding when the goal has been achieved; whether it is the perfect form or the greater weight (hopefully both), reaching beyond one’s own expectations sets the bodybuilder apart from the average person.


I started training when I was in secondary 1 which I was obese and the first time i still remember was looking at youtube videos of Lee Labrada and etc. And it somehow open up to me if they could do it why can’t I?


My future goals is to continue competing, continue learning different workouts, hopefully do more powerlifting competitions, and eventually step up on the Olympia stage. I am currently in between divisions so the precise one that I will be competing in is unknown. To show the young generation with determination, dedication and perseverance anything can be done once u put your mindset into it.⁠⁠⁠⁠



  • Under 70kg Category – 3rd Placing

Asia Pacific International Bodybuilding Championship 2015

  • Mens Bodybuilding Novice – 2nd Placing Mens Bodybuilding Junior – 2nd Placing


Other interest

Cooking, reading article about how to push my body to the Pro level and etc.


Upcoming competitions

  • 1st May 2017 – Nabba Singapore
  • 14th May 2017 – Wbpf Singapore
  • 27th May 2017 – Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Singapore International Championship

Follow me on my journey in bodybuilding for life!

Mohamed Hasif Mohamed Hanafie

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