NBFA -The Art of Natural Body Building (Talk)

All of us would like a toner and leaner body but we often struggle to achieve it. Body building is one of the natural ways to achieve it. Learn more about building your body and fitness naturally from Christian Goh, the president of Natural Body Building & Fitness Association. He will be sharing the basic principles of body building that you can also use to achieve the body shape you would like to have.
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Saturday, 06 April 2019, 2pm to 3pm

  Venue: Active Health @ Decathlon Singapore Lab (Kallang)

Learn to built a Better body, a Better you, a Better life through Natural Body Building.

Industry Expert and Professionals will be sharing with you tips on training and their motivational journey.

Speak to 8 times ASIA/SEA Gold medallist Mr Ibrahim bin Sihat on how to up your game in the sport of natural Bodybuilding.

Find out more about the NBFA Singapore International 2019 championship to be held on the 3rd Aug.